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Written by Press Secretary   
Wednesday, 07 July 2004 15:54

foto - кыргызалтын

The “Kyrgyzaltyn” Open-End Joint Stock Company is the largest company of the Kyrgyz Republic specializing in development of gold deposits.

Kyrgyzaltyn JSC was created in October 15, 1992, as Kyrgyzaltyn State Concern in order to amalgamate enterprises of the mining industry of the Kyrgyz Republic for maintenance of production of existing enterprises and realization of new gold mining projects.

In the 23rd of July, 1999, “Kyrgyzaltyn” State Concern was reorganized into Kyrgyzaltyn JSC in order to enhance an efficiency of its activity and to implement corporate management principles.

Together with its joint venture partners Kyrgyzaltyn JSC produces more than 97% of gold in Kyrgyzstan. Nearly 10% of gross domestic product, 40% of industrial output and 60% of export of the Republic fall on gold mining. The Kyrgyz Republic ranks third among CIS countries in production of gold.


foto - кумторAt present in the composition of Kyrgyzaltyn JSC are seven affiliates:

- The "MakmalGold Combinate" affiliate;

- The "Tereksai Mine" affiliate;

- The "Solton-Sary Mine" affiliate;

- The "Refinery" affiliate;

foto - ювелирный цех

- The "Motor Transportation Enterprise" affiliate;

- The "Special Construction Manufacturing Enterprise" affiliate;

- The "Kyrgyzskoye Vzmorie" health resort;

- A jewelry shop;

- A medical centre;

- A hotel.

The recent revival of gold market allowed Kyrgyzaltyn JSC to carry out work for improvement of existing and for creation of new gold mining enterprises.

Kyrgyzaltyn JSC represents the Kyrgyz party in Centerra Gold Inc. (Kumtor deposit in the Kyrgyz Republic and a number of deposits in Mongolia, Russia, Turkey and the USA) and in the joint ventures such as Altynken LLC (Taldy-Bulak Levoberezhny), Jerooyaltyn CJSC (Jerooy deposit).


Important strategic tasks of Kyrgyzaltyn JSC:

foto - макмал- mining of gold deposits, development of mineral reserve base for the existing and future enterprises;

- rational use of productive, technical and human capacity;

- attraction of investments and development of foreign economic relations;

- creation of conditions for labour, rest and recreation of work collectives;

- development of infrastructure at deposits;

- provision of safety and environmental protection, etc.

At present Kyrgyzaltyn JSC is developing dynamically, and, actually, almost all earnings are invested into the development and expansion of production and mining of deposits.



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